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Ed R - Elk Grove, CA

Thanks for the tuneup huge difference now I can cruise around 185 degrees instead of 225+ Degrees
Your turnaround time is stupid fast much appreciated. Can’t wait to let it rip. I only got 110 miles on her Thanks again.

David B - Thomasville, GA

Recently had y'all do a flash on my 20' Ninja 1000SX. Absolutely transformed the bike in rideability. The fueling/ throttle response is just awesome. The QS/Blipper has never worked so well. BTW I have passed along your info to my local independent shop that just did a full exhaust on a 23' Kawasaki 636 for a customer. I told them you
just did a dyno tune on the same yr/model and it would be well worth the money for a flash. Thanks again for the great work!

David E - Akron, OH

I just wanted to say thank you for the ecu that you flashed, did just what the paper said to do, and perfect. Will tell everyone Moore Mafia is the shit.

David R - Lombardia

Have been using the bike for a few weeks now, still cannot believe this is the same motor prior to the flash.

Thankfully the Engine Warning Light disappeared after a few short rides as you wrote it would. Just as well as it was stuck in Mode "A", loads of fun on the street but everything happens so much quicker now. Initial throttle opening is more progressive, just shedloads of instantaneous power from idle thru to +14k. The quickshifter too now has a totally diverse feel, up and down changes, excuse the cliché, are now seamless. I didn't order the "pops & bangs" option, though this still happens a bit with the engine and air temperature a little cold, and admittedly only under engine-braking, no big deal. The weird thing is the exhaust note previously felt harsher, but now seems more subdued, maybe it was just running way too lean in original format, the motor just seems so much smoother. Anyways, special thanks for a great job to the Moore Mafia team, promises made, promises kept.

Rob R - State Center, IA

I had you guys flash a couple ecus for me the past couple weeks, a 2022 ninja 650 I bought my son last year and a 2012 , that's my long haul baby that's also fun around town and holy shit did you guys wake up that lil ninja! So much better and so damn smooth! Amazing! Haven't tested the connie yet but I'm sure it'll also be awakened. That lil 650 is a lot more fun, even with my fat ass on it! Awesome job and we are both very thankful. Every bike from here on out will have a Moore flash.

Stephen S - Indio, CA
I am soo pleased I can’t thank you enough! T
his bike is now a completely different machine.. it runs soo well I am in shock just how much improved it is over the stock tune. Smooth linear Power everywhere…. Great work Chris!!!!!

My friends have ridden it and can’t believe the improvement! Everyone asks what changed. I tell them - Moore Mafia!!!

Forest P - Auberry, CA
Hey man I know your busy but just got to ride my r1 in between  storms and it rips! So much better you guys rock man,  love your channel watch it all the time this is my third bike you have done thanks well worth the money!

John W - Brandon, MS
Bro !! I got a mail order tune for my 12 gsxr . I wrote on my note with my ecu “ plz Make it spicy!”  And let me tell you. Any bike I’ve came across under a 17 model can’t beat me! A few  of my buddies have have been to you recently from Mississippi for dyno tunes and I’m still beatin them by lengths . Good riders . But this mfr is 🔥🔥🔥 ! Just wanted to say much appreciated on the tune my guy ! Can’t wait to get my bike to you and see what she has left!

I have to give major credit to Chris Moore. Thank you brother. I've never had a more dialed in bike than my 750. She rips, and I mean that with no exaggeration. This bike is a screamer, hot and ready.

Dusty B - Port Orange, FL
The flash is amazing. It runs and shifts so much smoother. So much more responsive. The pops sound great. I am thoroughly happy with the results. I will definitely recommend you to any friends or family. Thank you!

Steve S - Suffield, Connecticut
Holy f*ck…….now it’s a proper liter bike. Thank you very much Chris. I’m very happy with the flash.

Bryan E - Buda, TX
Holy Moly!  Finally got my bike all buttoned up and rode it.  Your flash with the Brock’s parts make this thing FLY!  WOW!  I would like to thank you for tolerating all my question and congratulate you on an amazing product in your flash and map! Can’t thank you enough brother.

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