Street Outlaws No Prep King, Galot Motorsports - March 9 + 10, 2018

Updated: May 8, 2018

Well as most of you may know this past Thursday around lunch time I got the call inviting us to participate in the first ever Motorcycle edition on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings series. BJ Humphries and I immediately started working on the bikes to get them ready while my brother Alex Moore started getting the rig ready. Finally by 8pm that night we had everything ready to roll, and at 6am the next morning we were on the road to GALOT Motorsports. We were able to make 2 test hits Friday and gather data for a type of racing we had never done before (no prep). The surface is very tricky and the bikes need major changes just to go down the track. My testing was cut short Friday due to a failed fuel pump. Alex's had to shorten up the Godfather a couple more inches to get it to hook down track, and I swapped over to one of my other M2 Shocks on my bike. Luckily Andy Sawyer and Dimey Eddinger at DME Racing had a fuel pump in stock. I just had to figure out how to get it the short time I had with them being 3 hours away. Jason from ProAction was kind enough to go out of his way Saturday morning and pick it up for me. Keep in mind Team Proaction is who I raced in the finals of the event! I missed the first and only test pass of the day Saturday, and barely got the bike running in time as they were calling us to the lanes when I finally got it fired up. I put in a tune to adjust for the warmer weather conditions, checked the flow of the new fuel pump, and rushed to the lanes. My first pass and first round of eliminations the bike ran like a rocket ship for a no prep surface. The bike proved to be fast and consistent round after round leading up to the finals. The final round I had to run Billy Ammons on WHITE TRASH so I made I minor tuning change in the front half to adjust for the falling temps, and once again CASH IS KING didn't let me down!!!!

We brought home the Win in the first ever Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Motorcycle event!!! The show should air on the Discovery channel April 11 (I think) Be sure to tune in.

Thanks to my entire crew for all the help. BJ, Alex, Rick, and my dad Jack Moore for letting me borrow a bad ass rig while my new stuff is still being built.

Also thanks to my sponsors who supply me with the best parts money can buy. Cycle Specialties Performance (home base) DME Racing (custom built every chassis and turbo part on the bike) MTC Engineering LLC (supplying me with the best clutch on the market MTC GEN 2) RPS Manufacturing aka M2 Shocks (supplying me with a bad ass shock to get us down ANY surface) Montgomery Motorsports (my bad ass bodywork) Shinko Tires USA (keeping Moore Mafia glued to any surface) and Bates Leathers (keeping me safe)!!!!

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