Kings of Grudge, Huntsville Dragway - June 8 + 9, 2018

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

WoW, what a weekend. Friday night I almost went down on the bike from a crazy high speed wheelie at the Finish Line. I busted the front wheel at over 160 mph and the front tire blew out. Whenever I slammed down on the bike my foot landed on the gear shifter dropping the bike down into 3rd gear from 4th. That caused the transmission to break and lock up the back tire. Somehow I managed to not fall. I did manage to drag the soles completely off my Bates Leathers boots. Also in the slam down I broke the subframe on the back of the bike due to my rigid front forks. After everything was said and done I thanked god and pushed my bike in the trailer and considered my weekend over. After a couple hours goes by I finally got up the courage to walk in the trailer and see my baby under good lighting. I decided to HAD to fix it. So at 12:30am Friday night I pulled it back out and started breaking it down. BJ Humphries, Bryan Saltz, Paul Lee, and the whole crew from Ortiz racing started removing the motor and making repairs to the chassis. We went to bed at 4am and woke back up at 8am to start back working on the bike. At 3pm Saturday afternoon we rolled the bike out of the trailer and fired it up. We rolled straight into The Big 8 at 7pm and the bike ran flawless laying down a killer pass. In between running the Big 8 we were also running The Heavy Hitters class. Alex Moore made it to the Finals and lost in a close race. In the Big 8 Finals we had a close race against a HTP powered Hayabusa, but we were able to pull off a win. I can not Thank the people enough who chipped in parts and time to help us win this race. Ortiz Racing supplied us with the rim, Bill Vose supplied us with some transmission parts, and Rossi Performance let us borrow a lot of tools. Thanks to my sponsors for all the support as well. Cycle Specialties Performance, DME Racing, Montgomery Motorspots, MTC Engineering, RPS Manufacturing, Bates Leathers and Shinko Tires USA.

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