Kings of Grudge, Carolina Dragway - March 23 + 24, 2018

Cash is King brought home Runner-up this weekend in the BIG 8 OUTLAWS. It was a bad ass race. We struggled all day Saturday with traction issues and turned it around to put together a string of nice runs in eliminations. In the finals Caleb and I had a really tight race. We definitely put on a show for the fans. My brother went out in the second round of Heavy Hitters in a close race against Can't Get Right. Thanks to all my sponsors and team for all the support. Everyone put in a ton of work to get the bike on the right track. We probably made 12 passes Saturday alone, and Not 1 single broken part! That's what happens when you have awesome parts from.... Sponsors: Cycle Specialties Performance, Moore Mafia, DME Racing, MTC Engineering LLC, Montgomery Motorsports, Bates Leathers, Shinko Tires, USARPS Manufacturing, SRW Precision Race Engines.

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