SOLD OUT!!!!! It took less than a day to sell out on the giveaway for the 2020 GSXR 1000. For those of you who bought a tee shirt and got a spot, start crossing your fingers and wearing your lucky underwear , because tonight someone is going to win this bad boy! Tune in to the Moore Mafia Facebook Page on Monday, October 4th at 8pm est to see the live chip drawing!

timeslip 2.jpg

Giveaway Details

There will be a total of 300 entries for this motorcycle giveaway. You can purchase as many t shirts as you would like, each purchase gives you a free entry into the giveaway, until all spots are filled. You must purchase a t shirt that is labeled for the giveaway, priced at $150, which will give you the option to choose a number for your specific spot on the board.  We will do a live drawing on the Moore Mafia facebook page where we will draw chips  for the winning number. We will draw 10 chips out of every group of 100 and those chips will go into the final draw. We will then put those 30 chips back into the box and draw a winner for the bike. The winner of the bike is responsible for pickup or delivery of motorcycle.  If the winner does not claim (or make plans to claim the motorcycle) within 14 days, we will then redraw for the motorcycle in the same fashion, with the remaining 299 chips.